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Beecher Bible & Rifle Church

Wabaunsee, KS

Experience a piece of pre-civil war history in Wabaunsee, Kansas.  Famous faces of the Bleeding Kansas story founded this unique church and played a role in the events leading up to the Civil War.

The Beecher and Bible Rifle Church still holds services every Sunday.


A short drive south of Wamego on Highway 99, then a jaunt west on K-18, leads to the historic church established in late June 1857 established by Free State sympathizers.

When the Kansas-Nebraska Bill passed in May 1854, it allowed Kansans to have a say about whether theirs would be a free or a slave state.

Many from outside the state came to Kansas to influence that decision. One group, known as the Connecticut-Kansas Colony, arrived with Sharps rifles and 25 Bibles provided by the congregation of Henry Ward Beecher, the well-known minister from Brooklyn, New York.

The colonists joined with earlier settlers and founded a church in Wabaunsee, now called the Beecher Bible and Rifle Church.

It not only still stands, but it also still holds Sunday services.


31624 Chapel St
Wamego (Wabaunsee Townsite)

It is located 3 miles south of Wamego on Highway 99, then 2.5 miles west on K-18, south on Elm Street for 0.3 mile.


Contact them at (785) 617-1300 or (785) 456-9591

Hours: By Appointment



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