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Buying Local Campaign
This is the first of many weekly columns promoting the local businesses and their unique items.
Buying Local Week 2
For Week 2 of my shopping adventures, I traveled to the Eskridge area. There seems to be a common theme across this county. You never run out of places to visit!
Buying Local Week 3
In Week 3 of my shopping adventures, I traveled to the northwestern portions of Wabaunsee County. I tell you, the hospitality never goes away! At every place I visit, these merchants are opening their doors wide for local traffic.
Buying Local Week 4
As a quick recap of our purpose here, the Wabaunsee County Economic Development Council is challenging residents to purchase Christmas gifts (one or more!) locally. Hence, the recurring column title “Buying Local”.
Buying Local Week 5
Someone asked me if I was running out of places to visit yet. Are you kidding?!? We are full steam ahead for Week #5 visiting antique dealers in several towns. If my other half (Person B) finds out I went antiquing again, it may be the final week of this column, though!
E-Community Revolving Loan Fund
Wabaunsee County Named as a NetWork Kansas 2012 Entrepreneurship (E-) Community; Awarded $75,000 in Tax Credits to Create Local Loan Fund for Entrepreneurs
Homegrown History
By Steven Hill | HUMANITIES, March/April 2014 | Volume 35, Number 2
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