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Buying Local Week 4

As a quick recap of our purpose here, the Wabaunsee County Economic Development Council is challenging residents to purchase Christmas gifts (one or more!) locally. Hence, the recurring column title “Buying Local”.

Karaline Mayer
Bluestem Breezes
November 28, 2011
Buying Local
It is Week #4 for local shopping adventures and the fun never stops! This week we visited Harveyville for more hometown hospitality at several businesses, all within walking distance of each other.
As a quick recap of our purpose here, the Wabaunsee County Economic Development Council is challenging residents to purchase Christmas gifts (one or more!) locally. Hence, the recurring column title “Buying Local”.
While there are certain types of presents you are not able to purchase from local merchants, there is a vast variety of gifts you may not even know exist here.
Each week, I’ll highlight a few local merchants to hopefully give you more shopping ideas (and save a few miles of that expensive gasoline). And, if you’re a local merchant and would like to be included, please contact me.
I want to commend so many of you for trying this Buy Local thing! I am hearing great stories about the gifts you are discovering here in Wabaunsee County.
I am not joking about hospitality. Our first stop was to Harveyville Seed Company. A little orneriness aside, their employees always have a helpful smile on their face when you walk through the door.
I was amazed at the amount of items that would make great gifts: gloves, pocket knives, hand tools, and bird feeders! A new arrival for any true K-State fan would be their purple Bogs Boots.
For the hunters, there were deer blocks and scents.
As with many local stores, their selection is great and the prices are right on target! They are focused on increasing their product selection, so if you haven’t visited Harveyville Seed Company in a while, now is the perfect time. And, I am still loving those purple boots…
A short walk down the street landed me in Jepson Pottery. Have I mentioned my addiction to pottery? There is indeed a reason Person B prefers I never see pottery for sale; I was instantly dreaming of adding on to our house to accommodate for my ever-growing collection.
Here is why Jepson Pottery makes great gifts: it is handmade on-site, oven/microwave/dishwasher safe, and lead free. As well, the variety to choose from is huge and includes differing techniques, textures, and colors. There is even a line of running horses and the cat’s paw prints (ask Barry for the story!).
Jepson’s is open seven days a week and is hosting a Christmas Open House from Thanksgiving weekend through Christmas Eve. There are refreshments on Saturdays (10:00-4:00) and Sundays (12:30-4:00). Don’t forget to bring in this column to receive a 20% discount on your purchase!
As we continued our trek through Harveyville, I had been told not to leave town until visiting Bell Wildlife Specialities. What a cool place! There is so much talent within those walls. This business prides themselves on offering a variety of services for any hunter on your gift list. They offer deer processing, outfitting and taxidermy services. There are also a few mounts for sale and tanned firs and hides.
A gift certificate would be perfect for your hunter this season! And, while you are there picking up that gift certificate, ask to see Dan’s collection. It includes buffalo, deer, tigers, and many other examples of his great work!
Next week, we are continuing this treasure hunt as we seek out more local Wabaunsee County merchants. Our scouting team consists of Bud Hund (Paxico), Ed Howe (Eskridge), and this column’s writer. We look forward to hearing your comments, shopping suggestions, and sharing a taste of Wabaunsee County with you each week.
Businesses and brand names appearing in this publication are for product identification purposes only. No endorsement is intended, nor is criticism implied of similar products not mentioned. For more Wabaunsee County information, visit the Extension Office (215 Kansas, Courthouse, Alma;; 765-3821) or the Economic Development Office (3rd & Missouri, Alma;; 765-4655). For Bluestem Breezes archives, check out

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