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Alpacas Of Wildcat Hollow

23224 Wildcat Hollow Eskridge, KS 66423


Fax: 785-449-7247

Contact: Ed & Marta Howe

Alpacas in Wildcat Hollow lies nestled in the Flint Hills on the banks of Mission Creek in eastern-central Kansas. Our farm has a total of 88 acres of land that includes the home site and barn lot, paddocks, forest, pasture and hay fields. We have a new barn with plenty room for our herd to grow. We have a herd of ten alpacas, four breeding females, two maidens, one herdsire, two junior herdsires and one companion/fiber male. Our herd enjoys daily personalized attention and nurturance. Our herd is guarded by two Maremmas, Italian guardian dogs bred to protect.

Alpacas in Wildcat Hollow had its first Farm Day June 12th of 2005. We had a great day in spite of a very rainy spring and a deluge that morning!

Our Alpacas’ fiber will be featured in the 2006 Harveyville Project’s Fleece and Fiber Seminar this fall that will teach processing and spinning of fiber from various animals including Alpacas. The participants will tour Alpacas in Wildcat Hollow and meet the original owners of the fiber!

Hours: By Appointment Only

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