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The Brown Rabbitt

Paxico proudly boasts its enchanting antique district in the Mill Creek Valley north of Interstate 70.  The merchants and 220 residents of Paxico have worked hard to enhance the community’s image and bring more visitors each year to this quaint town!  Community festivals like the Blues Festival each September and the Meatloaf Festival each June have been major contributors to their continual success and growth!  Paxico is full of jolly people that would be glad to have you visit!

An outstanding school system provides a middle school and junior high facility at Paxico.  The elementary and high schools are located only minutes away in Alma as a part of the Mill Creek Valley consolidated school system.

Paxico is home to Wyldewood Winery & Cellars, numerous antique merchants, an art studio, Mill Creek RV Park, as well as several basic services like banking, postal service, fuel, towing, dining and lodging.  The Paxico Merchant's Association is an active part of promoting Paxico business.

In 1869 the Potawatomi Indian Reservation was opened for settlement. Newbury located one mile north of Paxico began in 1869 in anticipation of the railroad.  “Old” Paxico, located one mile east of Paxico, began in 1879 when the Strowig Mill was built by two brothers, Robert and William Strowig. A few other settlers established a post office and general store.  Meanwhile a St. Mary’s businessman purchased a small tract of land because of his anticipation that the railroad would be laid through this area next to “Old” Paxico.  He then formed the Paxico Town Company with two other gentlemen.  This area began to develop and in 1887 the rail was finally laid through the settlement.  With this new activity “Old” Paxico and Newbury faded away and Paxico grew.  The town of Paxico was incorporated in 1914.

You will find charm and friends as you pay a visit to this small community in Wabaunsee County, Kansas!

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Native Stone Scenic Byway Fall 2019 Stone Fence Workshop

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